GLOBAL Design NYU is a
multi-year project hosted by NYU
campuses at New York, London,
Buenos Aires, and Abu Dhabi.
Elsewhere Envisioned

Global warming effects pose new challenges to
the architecture, landscape architecture, and
urban design communities. The immediate
response has been a turn toward a host of
energy-saving technologies. What has rarely been
addressed, however, is the problem of scale. How
can the designer make sure that global solutions
do not come at the expense of local traditions,
cultures, and environments?  By placing human
rational, emotional, technological, and social
needs at the center of our environmental
concerns, we propose a new
GLOBAL design

We seek a Global yet still Local design that can
Open the sociopolitical Borders that all too often
separate Architecture from its Landscape. The
overreaching aim is to develop a language of
design that can create proximity between
individual responsibility and the current global
environmental crisis. We see environmental
problems as a crisis of human alienation from the
natural world, and our initiative explores ways in
which design can reformat the unfortunate
separation. In our plea for proximity between the
individual and the global we explore, in the words
of Maurice Merleau-Ponty, a design that is "as
close to the beyond as to things near" when we
evoke "our power to imagine ourselves