Times Square Electronic Garden:
Global Design NYU, Gallatin, Tisch ITP,
Terreform ONE for the Time Square
Alliance and NYCxDESIGN.
May 10th 2016 @ 6am-10pm.

Cities and Citizenship
Goethe-Institut New York, Parsons The New School
for Design, and New York University:

CONFERENCE: Friday, March 14th | 9:30am - 4pm
New York University, Gallatin School of
Individualized Study | Jerry H. Labowitz Theatre
for the Performing Arts, 1 Washington Place

WORKSHOPS: Saturday, March 15th | 11am - 5pm
Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building
5 E. 3rd Street (at Bowery)

All events are free and open to the public.

A pervasive absence of decisive political action on
climate change, despite a rich trove of knowledge
about its potentially dangerous consequences
since at least the 1970s, combined with the failure
of successive global summits to reach adequate
resolution affects us all. Where do design and
environmentalism cross over to make an impact on
these issues? Along with the scientific aspects of
ecological design
, we are interested to explore
the intersection between design and the social
sciences at large by explicating the concepts of
cities and citizens in parallel. What is the
relationship between city-making and
citizenship? Can design provide new and richer
tools for strengthening citizenship and advancing
human rights and responsibilities?
How can we
test or evaluate our individual actions toward the
built environment while becoming active
participants, rather than passive consumers of the
city? Can cities be modified or redesigned to
address equity as well as sustainability? This
conference is a collaboration between the
Goethe-Institut New York, the School of
Constructed Environments, Parsons the New
School for Design, and Global Design NYU. The
conference is inspired by and aims to be a
response to t
he Goethe-Institut  WELTSTADT
project currently taking place across major world
Conference Participants:
Peder Anker, [History of Science, Gallatin School,
NYU], Gianpaolo Baiocchi [Sociology, Director of
Civic Engagement, Gallatin School, NYU],
Susannah Drake [Landscape Architect,
dlandstudio], Stephen Duncombe [Sociology,
Gallatin School, NYU], Louise Harpman
[Architecture, Gallatin School, NYU],
Matthias Hollwich [Architect +  Co-founder, HWKN],
Natalie Jeremijenko [Fine Art + Environmental
Studies, NYU], Colin Jerolmack [Environmental
Studies + Sociology, NYU], Mitchell Joachim
[Architecture, Gallatin School, NYU], Eric Klinenberg
[Sociology, NYU], Victoria Marshall [Landscape +
Urban Designer, Parsons], Brian McGrath
[Architecture, Dean, School of Constructed
Environments Parsons], Miodrag Mitrasinovic
[Architecture + Urbanism, New School],
Mariana Mogilevich [Architecture + Metropolitan
Studies, NYU], Vyjayanthi Rao [Anthropology, New
School], Eric Sanderson [Senior Conservation
Ecologist at WCS], Susanne Schindler
[Architecture, New School, Candide Journal],
Ioanna Theocharopoulou [Architectural History,
Parsons], Tyler Volk [Biology + Environmental
Studies, NYU], Lynnette Widder [Earth Institute,
Columbia University]
Workshop Presenters
Zoning and Affordable Housing- Mark Torrey
Communication and Community Engagement-
Megan Sperry
Design for an Aging Population- Matthias Hollwich
Midtown and MoMA- Mitchell Joachim,
Miodrag Mitrasinovic, Ioanna Theocharopoul